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5 Guaranteed Ways to Get a Promotion

5 Guaranteed Ways to Get a Promotion

You've likely heard that in order to get ahead, you have to work hard. While this is true in most cases, you need more than just hard work to get noticed by upper management. These five tips below will set you up to claim that promotion you've been angling for.

  1. Smile

Smiling is the number one trait that makes people notice you. The human brain is wired to respond to it, and it will make you stand out from other employees. While sitcom characters might be able to get away with excessive sarcasm and apathy in the workplace, in real life, employers like positivity. To them, a happy worker is productive and brings out the best in their coworkers--and is a perfect candidate for promotion. So, try your best to radiate positive energy!

  1. Let your boss know you'd like to be moved up

Your boss should want you to succeed, but they may not realize what your goals are. If you establish early on to your boss that you want to move up and take on more responsibilities, they will keep an eye out for new positions that you could fill.

Telling them your ambitions also helps to separate you from other employees, whom the boss might perceive are comfortable where they are. Give your boss the impression that you have upward momentum.

  1. Don't bad-mouth or gossip

People like stirring the pot. Nothing is more interesting than the latest gossip about the guy two cubes over from you. But gossip doesn't end well. Coworkers get their feelings hurt, enemies are made, and its possible you might be labeled "toxic." The last employee a boss wants to give a promotion to is the office chatterbox.

Rise above the fray and avoid gossip. You might not be able to prevent coworkers from telling you things, but you can keep yourself from spreading rumors further. Do this, and your boss--and coworkers--will consider you trustworthy. You'll be on your way to joining your office's inner circle.

  1. Develop your writing skills

In most modern workplaces, a large portion of your job will be communicating with people over email and chat. To people who've never met you--or rarely see you, the way you write represents you as a person.

Brush up on your grammar and spelling. Capitalize the right words. Be clear and concise, while also not sounding like a robot. People associate proper writing with intelligence--and while that may not be fair--you need to make sure your words reflect the person you want to be.

  1. Make your boss's job easier

Your boss worries about things you likely don't know about. They have pressures from their boss that they have to balance with running your team, and if they are like most bosses, they are probably overwhelmed.

Ask your boss what you can help with. Take stuff off their plate. You want to be the employee they depend on, the one they can brag about to their bosses to show how good they are as managers.

While these steps are designed to get you a promotion, they can also be viewed as tips to become an amazing employee. If you can incorporate these practices into your daily work-life, your office will start to see you as a powerhouse employee, who will undoubtedly rise high in the company.

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