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Your Guide to Writing the Perfect Job Description

Your Guide to Writing the Perfect Job Description

Do you find yourself writing the same mundane job descriptions over and over again? In any industry, it's hard to find the secret to separating your job from the hundreds of other job descriptions out there that are exactly like it.

Luckily, we have a formula guaranteed to attract a higher quantity and quality of applicants to your position and we're sharing it with you! Here is your guide to writing the perfect job description.

Be Direct

Begin by putting the basic information first, i.e. location, hours, salary, and benefits. These are the first questions that come into a candidate's mind when reading a job description, so it's best to answer them right away, that way the candidate will not be distracted while reading the remainder of the description.

In addition, starting your job description with the included benefits is an effective tactic in attracting a candidate to apply because it shows why a person would want to work there. It also shows the candidate that the company makes an effort to support their employees.

Once the basics and benefits are spelled out, then you can begin outlining the job requirements and responsibilities.

Optimize. Optimize. Optimize.

There are two key factors in optimizing your job post. The first is optimizing its searchability. Make sure to include the correct keywords in order for the appropriate candidates to find your job. If you use keywords that are not specific to the position, it is likely the wrong people will find and apply to the job you posted.

The second is configuring the job description in an easy to read format. The majority of applicants apply to positions using their phone, so if your description is long and hard to read, the chance of a candidate applying decreases immensely. Ensure you turn any paragraph description into a bulleted list and make any important information clear and stand out.

Personalize It

More and more, company culture has become a key factor in a candidate's decision to apply to a job. Include a brief overview (1-2 sentences) of your company's core values and culture to give applicants a sense of who and what he or she would be working with.

Start writing job descriptions that work to get your company what it's looking for. Use this outline as a guide to every job description you write and see how effective it really is!

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