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Gig Worker to Full-Time Employment

Gig Worker to Full-Time Employment

Resume Tips for Gig Workers Seeking Full-Time Employment

The rise of the gig economy and the popularity of freelancing has been one of the biggest career stories of the 21st century so far. From the year 2000 forward, employers have been moving away from traditional full-time employees and toward consultants, independent contractors and other on-demand workers.

While this trend is still relatively new, it was clearly exacerbated by the market crash and resulting Great Recession. Even as the economy has recovered, more and more businesses are looking at how freelancers, contractors and independent contractors can enhance their operations and save them money.

If you are one of those independent contractors or freelancers, you are certainly not alone. Millions of men and women are now working in these capacities, and that is fine as long as it suits your life and lifestyle. But what happens when you want to move away from the gig economy and seek out a traditional full-time gig instead? How do you craft a resume that highlights your independent skills while showing that you would be a good fit for a full-time job? Here are some tips for integrating your freelance experience and making the most of your current skills.

Make a List of Your Skills

One of the best things about the freelance lifestyle is that it forces you to be creative. As a freelancer or consultant, you constantly have to reinvent yourself and think outside of the box, and that creativity is something traditional employers are looking for.

No matter what kind of job you are seeking, the ability to hit the ground running is a valuable skill. You can use your resume to highlight those skills by making a list of accomplishments. From the software programs you have learned to the awards you have won to the soft skills you possess, adding bulleted lists to your resume will make it easier to read while putting you in the best possible light.

Ask Your Best Customers to Be Your References

If you have been out of the full-time workforce for some time, your old references have probably grown stale. Take a look at your list of references, then update them with your favorite customers.

As the people you have worked for to serve as references while letting them know you are seeking full-time employment. The people who know your work best always make the best references, and that is true for gig workers as well as full-time employees.

Tailor Your Resume to the Job Opening

One of the best things about life as a freelancer is the wide variety of jobs you get to do. Whether you are a gig worker, a freelancer or a consultant, you have built up a wide variety of skills throughout the years.

Now it is time to put those skills to work. If you want to translate what you have learned to a full-time career, start by tailoring your resume to the position you are applying for. Read the job opening carefully, get a sense of what the employer is looking for, and then highlight the skills most likely to be of use. This tailored strategy can jump start your job search and help you make the most of what you already know.

Whether you want to move away from gig work completely or just supplement your freelance income, you need a strong resume in your corner. Your resume is your partner in the job search, and highlighting the skills you possess can help you land the full-time job you are looking for.

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