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The Key to Mobile Optimization

The Key to Mobile Optimization

How employers recruit new hires is changing at a rapid rate. However, one factor causing serious disruption to how companies acquire new employees is the mobile smartphone.

Job applicants are using their mobile devices to connect with companies in a variety of ways. The sooner businesses realize the necessity to maximize their recruitment efforts for mobile devices, the sooner they will be able to capitalize on smartphone technology. If you want to ensure your company is ready to connect with mobile-enabled job applicants, then bear the following tips in mind.

Mobile Optimization is Critical

A growing number of job hunters are searching for employment opportunities on their smartphone. To increase your chances of finding employees online, make sure your website gets optimized for mobile technology.

You want to make it as easy as possible for potential hires to view your employment listing on their smartphone. If a prospective employee can see your job listing, check out details on your company's social media profiles, and learn more about your organization via their mobile device, then the chances increase they will follow through and apply to become your next hire. 

Simplify Your Job Description

When an applicant comes across a lengthy job description on their mobile device, chances are they won't take the time to read it. An applicant wants to know three things: what the job is, what the job requires, and what benefits the company offers. If that information is not easily communicated through your listing, applicants will not take the time to search for it and instead will move on to the next open position. Make sure your job listing is clear, concise, and to the point to avoid applicant confusion and receive resumes from the qualified talent that your company needs.

Shorten Your Job Application 

The shorter your job application, the likelier it is potential employees will apply to your company via their mobile device. Be sure to offer a mobile-optimized job application that doesn't make applicants jump through numerous hoops to respond to your help-wanted advertisement. Ask yourself which components are absolutely necessary and which can wait until an applicant is contacted for an interview. 

The more effort you put into optimizing your recruitment efforts for mobile-enabled applicants, the higher your chances are of landing the perfect recruit. Incorporate the above-listed tips into your hiring strategy and there's a better chance you will find a new employee in a shorter amount of time.


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