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Interview Questions You Should Always Ask

Interview Questions You Should Always Ask

Congratulations. You got an interview for your ideal job! You've got a great rapport with the interviewer. You've answered all their questions. Then they ask, "Have you got any questions for us?" and your mind goes blank. Suddenly, all your confidence saps away and you feel like you look unprepared and unprofessional.

It's best not to panic; this happens to hundreds of job candidates, and recruiters are used to the blank stares. But you can avoid this anxiety-inducing situation by preparing a few well-crafted questions beforehand. Here are three top questions that interviewers love to be asked.

  1. What's been your favorite aspect of working for the company?

Human nature means we can't help but be happy when someone takes an interest in us. Your interviewer will be happy to talk about their own experiences, and it gives them the perfect opportunity to sell their company to you. Remember, they want to hire a great candidate, so they want you to be impressed by them as well as the other way around. Make note of any areas the interviewer is especially excited or animated about, as these could be perks of the job that simply didn't appear in the job posting.

  1. Can you tell me about opportunities for progression in this role/department?

Most interviewers accept that when you apply for a role, you're not just looking for a job, but for a career. Asking about what progression opportunities exist shows that you have a genuine interest in staying for the long haul, and are already planning the next steps on your career path with this company in mind. It makes you appear professional, focused and shows you are planning for the future. And of course, it tells you whether this is the right move for you and whether you'll be able to continue down your chosen career route with this company.

  1. What are the follow-up steps in the recruitment process?

You might be so busy discussing perks and progression opportunities that you get caught up in the excitement a potential new role can bring. But before you go, take the time to ensure you know what your next steps are. It may be that you simply have to wait for a phone call, or you may be expected to contact your agency or email someone in HR.

Double check your facts so that when you leave, you are confident you've done everything you need to do. This removes a great deal of anxiety from the recruitment process for you, and it shows your potential employer that you are organized and efficient.

Other key points are to research the company and ask anything that's particularly pertinent to your role and responsibilities. With a good set of pre-prepared questions, you can keep that rapport with your interviewer going and assure them that you are the best candidate for the role.

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