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Top Certifications for Audio Visual Professionals

Top Certifications for Audio Visual Professionals

One of the leading trends in hiring Audio Visual talent is seeking properly certified candidates for their company. As an Audio Visual professional, it is crucial to have the following Audio Visual Certifications under your belt, as these top certifications are the key to landing your next job in the Audio Visual field.

By having these top certifications under your belt, you are instantly qualified for over 2/3rds of the open positions in the Audio Visual industry. Use the following list of top certifications as a resume checklist to ensure you are prepared in applying for your next job.

CTS - Certified Technology Specialist

The CTS certification is one of the most popular exams to date. Almost every Audio Visual professional has taken the exam, and over half of Audio Visual companies list this certification as a top requirement when looking to hire.

You can access this exam on the AVIXA website along with various resources to prepare you for the test. The exam is priced at $475 for non-AVIXA members, which may seem like a lot, however, this purchase is a great investment in the grand scheme of your career.

Once you have achieved your CTS certification, you can then further your credibility by taking the CTS - I (integration) or CTS - D (design).

Crestron Certified Programmer

It is important to validate your knowledge of Crestron software as an Audio Visual professional since various Audio Visual companies require employees to be a Crestron Certified Programmer.

To become a Crestron Certified Programmer your first step is to create an account on the Crestron website. In creating an account you will then have access to the initial learning courses, as well as Crestron Technical Institute (CTI) courses needed to pass the exam. Upon completion of all Crestron courses, you will then be given a take-home exam to complete for your certification.

Extron Certification

The Extron Certification is a great tool to have under your belt as an Audio Visual professional. This certification validates your knowledge of Audio Visual configuration, system technology, and design. To achieve your Extron Certification, sign up on the Extron website and complete the online coursework that will prepare you for taking the exam.

This certification will validate your knowledge and skill set as an Audio Visual professional and will prove your worth to potential employers.

In today's Audio Visual job market, it's crucial to be up to date on the latest certifications in order to be considered for a hiring position. These three certifications are a must-have for any Audio Visual professional seeking work in this field.

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