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Networking Tips for Audio Visual Professionals

Networking Tips for Audio Visual Professionals

Whether through business associations or industry events, networking is the most cost-effective and established way for audio visual professionals to meet potential employers.

Networking and the power of 'word of mouth' are 7 times more effective than traditional forms of self-advertising and cold emailing. How can you make networking work for you? Here are 5 networking tips to help you get started.

  1. Choose a few key associations or regular events related to your industry and get actively involved.

Attend as many meetings as your schedule permits and work on some committees. Your aim is to be the first person that comes to mind when someone asks, "Do you know anybody that can..."

  1. Invest your Time: Arrive Early, Leave Late.

You can't meet new contacts and talk while a meeting is taking place, so make sure to mingle before the meeting starts and stick around after it finishes. Don't spend too long talking to one person, you can't meet anyone else if you're deep in conversation, so have some polite exit strategies at the ready.  

  1. Remember Names and Greet Past Acquaintances

Ask questions about their current projects, mention news you've heard related to their industry, and congratulate them on their recent achievements. You're building relationships with contacts and prospects that will hopefully lead to career opportunities. Remember to be sincere; you don't want to come across as an opportunist or too much of a salesman.

  1. Follow up on Potential Leads

Having all the contacts in the world is useless if you don't follow up on leads. Send that email, or make the phone call, and bring up the topic of conversation you talked about previously. At the next meeting you attend, ask them if they received the email you sent or have thought about what you discussed.  

  1. Give Valuable Information, Business Tips, Leads, and Referrals to Non-Competitors.

You're building relationships, so be generous. People will remember you and appreciate your help, which could result in referrals and more opportunities for you at a later date. It feels good to help others, and you'll also be able to ask for a favor or introduction in return when you need it later.

Networking is about building relationships. By following the above steps you can start your journey into networking, building trust, and linking with other individuals so you can tap into the most effective form of job hunting and help yourself, and others, become successful.

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