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Successful Employee Onboarding

Successful Employee Onboarding

If only a company could sit their new hire in a comfortable ergonomic chair and hand him or her a nutritional snack bar and exit the office, it would save much time. The dark side of this daydream is that the novice IT guy would be spending an inordinate amount of time "figuring things out."

The fact is that most new employees prefer being a part of an organized learning process that includes up-to-date information, followed by ongoing training. Many appreciate a corporate employee onboarding process that can optimize learning speed so the workers can get on with the tasks at hand. Doing so might mean extending the training period, but when a structured plan is in place, the likelihood of increased performance and employee satisfaction increases.

The reliable buddy system is still one of the best methods to assist in orienting a new employee. While the technological side of the job is most important, acclimation to the methods and framework of the office are critical, as well. Getting to know the nuts and bolts of office management and employee interaction should take place simultaneously.

Below are four suggestions that can result in more productive onboarding:

1. Be sure the new employee has a written list of requirements, who to ask, and how and when an action will occur.

2. Delegate onboarding tasks among more people than simply the HR manager or other management.

3. Test and refine the process during the time every new hire experiences his or her onboarding.

4. Remember that thorough and extensive training is worth the energy and time spent to complete it.

Many HR managers and company leaders say excellent onboarding processes lead to employee retention and benefits businesses may not even notice. They add that using a well-paced and reasonable expectation during onboarding is crucial when training a new team member. Companies should remember that absorbing information that will allow the new hire to hit the ground running can take some time.

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