Pangaia Partners

Pangaia Partners is a leading-edge professional services organization with a proven track record in providing IT infrastructure solutions. Specializing in voice, data and video engineering, network deployments, IT operations
and project management, Pangaia Partners holds the technical expertise and experience required to support large and mid-market companies in a wide range of industries.

While stressing quality service delivery in all facets of our enterprise, we offer clients skilled individuals with extensive training and certifications, the best business practices as well as comprehensive service level agreements. Pangaia Partners has assisted numerous clients in implementing cost efficient and effective approaches to the ongoing management of their IT infrastructure organizations.

The company was formed in 2001 as the senior partners consolidated their extensive technology and information systems backgrounds into a professional services company designed to meet the requirements of a diverse customer base. Our name, inspired by the original landmass unifying the earth, represents the convergence of information technology and its ability to bring together people, companies and organizations.

Pangaia Partners employs full-time staff providing IT professional services throughout the United States. We continue to expand by using our project and operations expertise to support the Enterprise on an ongoing basis and deliver successful projects. We strive to build and maintain client relationships, recruit and hire the most qualified people and enhance our business partnerships.