Symco Inc

SYMCO is a Manufacturers' Representative firm that specializes in the Mid-Atlantic and New England states. Incorporated in 1972, in New Jersey, SYMCO's strong sales team and many years of experience - coupled with our unrivaled reseller relationships and motivation to succeed - ensure your company the greatest possible sales and customer satisfaction results.

During the past forty years, SYMCO has developed a special rapport with both our principals (the manufacturers), and the dealers, integrators and consultants to whom we sell. These relationships have been the key component in our success, and ensure maximum penetration and sales for our company... and yours.


Our purpose is to provide communication electronics manufacturer with all of the services of a factory-direct sales and marketing team, while offering the cost effective advantages of an independent representative. We establish, maintain, train and support our manufacturers’ reseller bases. Due to our strong, well-established relationships with the resellers and consultants, we are able to introduce new products and manufacturers, and penetrate markets very quickly.
Our Goal is to provide the most value to our Manufacturers by finding, penetrating, building relationships and influencing every worthwhile solution designer, integrator and influencer in every feasible market...and to provide the most value to our Consultants, Integrators and VARs by offering Best-in-Class communication and collaboration manufacturers.

Our Team

Since 1972, SYMCO has grown to include nine experienced salesmen, and four inside sales personnel and support staff. Our people have grown to become a team of trusted experts in our territory, providing maximum account penetration and sales coverage for our manufacturers.


SYMCO services New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.


SYMCO supplements the manufacturers own advertising and promotional programs with direct mailings, a semimonthly E-Newsletter, trade show support, training seminars, a newly updated website, and special SYMCO-sponsored regional shows.

SYMCO has hosted over a dozen Regional Technology Showcases in major markets like New York City, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC. These Showcases have been tremendously successful and offer the manufacturers an opportunity to showcase their newest technology at a large regional show.


Personal and trusting relationships are the cornerstone of our success and there is no substitute for seeing your customers in-person, so all accounts are visited and supported on a regular basis. In addition, our team is always available to do product demos, both to the dealers and with the dealers to the end users. We also assist the dealers, consultants and end users in solution design whenever needed

Complimentary Lines & Markets

In the 40 years that SYMCO has been representing electronics manufacturers, we have represented many industry leading lines. Many of these lines have led to substantial business with one, or several, of our other lines. We purposely maintain a synergistic line card with Best in Class, complimentary lines that help grow each other's business.

In the same manner, many of the lines that are successful in one market often find success in other, niche markets. SYMCO's knowledge of, and expertise in, a variety of these other low voltage electronics markets increases the exposure and sales of our manufacturers products overall.