Daly Computers

Daly Computers has been a trusted IT service provider to government and education customers for nearly 30 years. Our mission is to combine innovative technologies and services into solutions to help our customers succeed in their mission.

Each solution is customized to our customers’ unique specification and environment for optimal benefit, matching industry-leading technology with a sound deployment and execution strategy.

A tested business model

Daly has tailored its corporate infrastructure to manage contracts and task orders on a repeatable and consistent basis. Emphasis is placed on management controls, contract compliance and execution, customer satisfaction, resource management, and above all a continuous check-and-balance review mechanism.

The project management methodology we employ is a performance-based approach that ensures performance is systematically tracked, gauged, quantified, and reviewed, while also being as predictable as possible. The approach represents a combination of best business practices, quality-control procedures, and meticulous planning throughout the entire life cycle of a project.